Resurgence: The Mumbai Test

Four years back the cricketing timeline, it was the same venue, similar cold weather, likely poised Anthony De Mello series and the same pursuit of reversing the momentum by the Britishers. But what didn’t remain same is the outcome. Back in 2012,  a win by then English side wasn’t just a win, but a win that even expectation wouldn’t have expected to occur. The Scoreline for that test read that England won by 10 wickets and leveled the series 1-1 with two matches to come. The likes of Panesar and Swann made sure that they negate the effect of Indian spin out of the game. To be precise, India had a taste of its own poison that it offers to visitors. English spin duo rattled the star studded Indian batting lineup to pieces.Cook and Pietersen made sure that Indian bowlers repeated the same tragic story. A victory for Barmy Army meant only one thing: the series was equally balanced and England had a genuine chance of winning this. Eventually they went on to conquer the series 2-1.

Four years down, coming into the test match with almost the similar equations in picture, English were hoping for a magical turnaround. A win here and they would have started believing their chances. But the APPRENTICE OF THE GREAT MASTER led from the front (235) and made sure that even fluke did not have a chance. Amenably aided by the stalwart Vijay (136), best all-rounder of the present time- R Ashwin (10 wickets) and promising young lad form Haryana, Jayant Yadav (104 and performance with ball).

Generally at the onset of every game, teams have a check-list.  And a team checking those wins 9 out of 10 times. For Brits, the start was fabulous just the way they wanted. Generally after winning an important toss and posting a mammoth 400 on board, the batting side negate the chances of loss from the equations.But much to the dismay of everyone, double century from the captain and Vijay and Jayant bagging century a piece rightly aided by best bowler in the business, Ashwin, made sure English saw the peril. India closed the series here itself with one test to go.

Thus, a welcome win for the team who is having a good run. Undefeated since last 17 test matches, and a fifth consecutive series win on the trot. But the question that brims up to the top is that , Is the current young Indian team one of the best teams of the cricketing fraternity? Well, it may be hasty on my part to answer or ponder on such question, but definitely the trace of Great Aussie team of 1990s-2000s is evident. Away win and consistency will determine the credibility of the statement. Problems with the Bat and in-exposed pace bowling might be a concern. For all these answers, only time stands the witness.

Pic credits: ESPN cricket


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