A hard fought victory

If before this one off test match someone would have told me that Bangladesh’s batting line up will survive more than 220 overs in total and be the only fourth team visiting India to bat out more than 100 overs in both the innings- a feat top teams like New-Zealand and England couldn’t do, I would have been like, Stop Kidding. But Bangladesh has broken the stereotype and has proved that they are no longer an underdog and has posted a message – too loud to proclaim more International matches in their credit.

The result and scorecard will tell you that India demolished B’desh, but Bangladesh had their moments. Bangladesh was way more competitive when one compares them to the fight the Kiwis and the English put up a few months ago. It was experience that made them lose the match- their first ever on Indian soil. Another win, another series for Indian team and more-over another win as a captain for Virat Kohli. India team particularly in test looks unstoppable as of now. Their longest streak. B’desh was far better than all previous encounters. Mushfiqqur Rahim, Mehendi and Mahmudullah , some of the names that our Bangla Bhashi neighbors should be proud of. Indeed a hard fought win for the team.

To start off, Day 1 was all India’s. Vijay’s another phenomenal series starter. He has gathered himself a credit of series starter with a centaury. Pujara’s good run continued and of-course the apprentice of the master, Virat kohli, a synonym of consistency, again chipping in some good runs. Day 2, Virat’s Show. Fourth series in the trot, fourth double hundred and becoming the only cricketer ever it do so. In a game dominated by greatness of Bradman and Sachin, a young lad from Delhi doing so is a matter of pride. India posted a mammoth 687-6 with Rahane also chipping in some good form.

Bangladesh staunch replies, a reply you expect form a good team. Not the runs, but the persistence. 129 overs is what it took Indians to outwit their opponent. Fourth day, India decides against follow-on, comes out to bat and finds itself reduced to 23-2. A moment Bangladesh could have encash upon. But it was for Pujara who made sure no upset was to be followed. India finally gave an unachievable target of 458.

Any team would have shattered in front of such target. But B’desh made sure that they fight back. 101 overs, is a proof of some phenomenal persistence. In the end the run was always was beyond their reach giving India a victory of 208 runs. Thus a match full of records comes with a good victory for India. An indeed hard fought victory. Some good performances form fast bowling department coupled with discipline and speed is something that India would cherish, a rather rare sight in Indian conditions. As I always say, performance abroad is something that would count.

Pic Credits: bcci.tv


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