The Impartial Justice

India Australia matches have gained the popularity that the environment is all heated up and the tussle is very much on. The off field game is as much interesting as the on field one. And this series is no different. But this being said, this is different. In every previous encounter, the board of cricket control of India always had the team backing in its entire claim. Not too far, remember 2007-08 India touring Australia down under. Things got real dirty in second test match at Sydney engulfing all Bhaajji-Symond monkey incident or Steve Buckner being the 12th man for Australia in umpiring.

The team put a foot forward and in plain words put forward a statement that if they want this series to continue, the umpires have to be changes. Rightly so, Anil kumble, then the umpire openly said in the media that there was only one team who was playing in the game spirit. All these had a continual backing and support of BCCI and eventually the claim was heard and ICC acted upon.

Let me take you little more back. 2001, Mike Dennes accused Sachin Tendulkar on ball tampering and five other Indian players for ‘Outrageously Appealing’. The team together united against this and demanded to remove Mike Dennes. The board supported the team and in the end the team went on to play an ‘Unofficial test match’. Just for the reference, this test match records are not counted in books of records. The team was able to do this because they have support of the board being with them on every step.

But this time around, after the bombastic press conference of Virat Kohli at Bengalauru, there was a certain feeling that things might mess up in lights of accusations put by the Indian skipper. Steve Smith was caught red handed on the camera asking for the dressing room support for DRS, a breach of game spirit in all regards. ICC should have popped in at first place, they didn’t. Team India appealed against this, but BCCI withdraws the appeal saying that we should focus on the game.
This is when things got real dirty, or just say Kohli was left alone to handle. Cricket Australia chief, Mr. James openly accuses Kohli and BCCI doesn’t do anything. The Australian media disgustfully compares Kohli to Trump of cricket, definitely not a sign of professionalism. Steve Smith is now openly targeting Kohli. Very well so, he has support of his Board. All these are taking place in India and BCCI is quite. The withdrawal of the appeal at the first place itself is something beyond comprehension. After all why did the board, withdraw an appeal, true and fair in all sense, and left his worthy captain alone in his juxtaposition. Is it something to do with the ongoing CA, ICC and BCCI tussle or something else lay under the table?

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