Happy musings in time of distress

In the the time of distress when the International Cricket has seem to aloof Pakistan from the happenings, Pakistan has found itself clawing up in the international proceedings. Situations back home may be bad, but that doesn’t deter the confidence and belief of this young Asian side. The conditions were testing but the opponent wasn’t. The only resistance they faced was the Rain and once it was mended, Pakistan showcased itself in form of what has been an amazing win.

There has been many writers of this win. From Aamir to Captain Misbah to Yasir Shah, it was the joint effort of the entire team in the end. Younis khan, the only Pakistani to score more than 10000 test runs, also had a good outing with bat and so did their young talent, Babar Alam. Misbah missed out on a brilliant hundred (99) but his efforts were no less than a century. Yasir Shah ( 2/91 and 6/63)  made this test match memorable for himself. So did Mhd. Aamir.

For West Indies, if they thought inability to qualify for the Champions Trophy was the worst thing they faced, this win has provided wind to the fire. The panic button is pressed. Gabriel, Chase and Holder needs help from other players even. There is a reason why they call it a team game. In the end, hoping that the West Indian side will put up a good show in the next encounter. Till then, See ya.

WI – 286, 152
PAK – 407, 36/3

Pic Credit- google imagesprv_1492894331


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