Finally the winning streak stops

Everyone tell stories about how Mumbai has become a force who is undefeated at home (mostly). Well, in the game of unpredictability, you have your odds. But for mumbai, wankhede is even. And so as for Hyderabad. Rajiv Gandhi stadium is becoming new fortress for SRh as they are still undefeated in this IPL at home. An intriguing stuff indeed.

For KKR< finally the good run ends. The batting line, exposed after couple of games, showed weakness. The lower middle order specifically. Once Uthappa(53) and Pandey (39) were out, no one stepped up to help the cause. Well, you can say it run rate doing too and specky Hyderabadi bowlers, who are becoming more and more dangerous with each passing day.

I may be out of words when I start describing one of the best innings of IPL so far. David Warner (126), the magician, as Danny Morrison calls him. And rightly so. Spinning his bat like a wand in all direction, playing magic all around and leaving us all bewildered with his innings. Reaching his century inside 11 overs. A remarkable feat indeed. And this feat has done something. It has annihilated KKR. Williamson tried some hand towards end to power his team to a 200+ score.

Bhuvi(29/2), Kaul(26/2), Siraj(26/2). Remember these names. They aren’t fading away so easily from the International arena. If warner was a wizard with bat today, they are magician with ball in every game. Especially the man, who is ruling the purple cap, owing it lie hos possession: Bhuvneshwar Kumar. And his hunt is amenably supported by Siraj, Kaul and RashiROY80749d. Kaul today had little goof up with Uthappa, but intensity makes you do unexpected.

So, both the teams very much in the race. David, the owner of orange cup now by a margin, made sure that SRH has a good run rate too. That’s the beauty of the game. anyone defeating any team irrespective of their position. Well, KKR needs to work on their batting a bit, especially towards the lower middle order. Rest looks fine for both teh side. An interesting contest indeed.

SRH- 209-3(20)

KKR- 161-7(20)

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