When Stokes justified the bid

Three decades back, a century in 50 overs was a celebrated fact and looked with much Wow. And now, a century in 20 over game is common fixture. What it is? Improvement in batsman quality or dearth of quality bowlers or easing situations. Well, whatever it is, century in cricket is still a remarkable feat. So Ben Stokes, take a bow man. 10/3, big target, quality attack an testing conditions and then a century in a winning cause. Well, this is what you expect from a player for whom you bid whooping 14.5 Cr.

Well, a swinging pendulum will be the apt description of this match as these two arch rivals fought each other which saw RPS winning for the first time against GL in their last but second match  at home. Both teams had their chances and situations. Be it crossing 100 inside 11 overs or reducing RPS to 10/3 or be it restricting GL for 161 after a good start or Stokes and Dhoni solidifying the innings for RPS.

Well, a good start for both the teams. GL kept on scoring runs courtesy Baz(45) and RPS kept of taking wickets courtesy Tahir(27/3).  And RPS did a commendable job by reducing the Gujrat side to a decent 161 on a good surface. Thanks to Unadkat and some good fielding from RPS, especially that vintage Dhoni stumping.

161 wasn’t an easy total against a good opposition like GL and rightly so, 10/3 is a proof of that. GL bowling has looked to improve from where it was during the start of the tournament. Stokes single-handedly made sure RPS gather that valuable 2 points and stay in the race for the knock-outs. Time for GL to introspect and back-up. Watch out tomorrow as DD takes on SRH.

GL- 161/10(19.5)

RPS- 167/5(19.5)

Pic Credits: iplt20.com




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