Not so Royal Season for RCB

Call it a series of tough luck or lost confidence, but something is terribly wrong with RCB this season. Last night wasn’t just another defeat, but a defeat that consolidates the fact that Bangalore needs a severe over hauling, not only in terms of players but also in term of luck.

Big names, worthy talents, and key players, RCB has the host of them. But it looks like a team who has forgotten winning. And I personally feel sad about the dilapidated captain who, finds himself so lost in worries and concerns, in the time of distress. Nevertheless, everyone has their bad time. So do the world’s deadliest top three.

A win for KXIP means things are getting bad or rather dicey for other teams (except RCB and GL) for the race to semi final. The situation is so tight that even the Mumbai team, who had just lost two till now cannot assure it’s seat in the play-offs. Beauty of the game indeed.

Coming to the matcPB1D7099h, good effort by RCB for keeping things tight with the ball. Somewhere I feel, RCB hasn’t been able to strike chords with Chinnaswamy this year. Could be one of the many reasons of their sad plight. Nevertheless, good outing for the Bangalore Bowlers especially Chahal and Aniket. Chahal, despite his team’s performance, has been the talk. When all the Bowlerskept things tight and economical, Watson went for 43. This much run with bat might have helped the cause for RCB. Axar Patel (38) is slowly earning the title of good all-rounder.

The concise the description is of RCB’s batting, the better it is. 71/4 and things didn’t look that bad, but thanks to the heroic of Patel and Sandeep, RCB just did what they have been doing, Choke themselves out. And eventually, an easy looking target was way beyond reach.

Well, KXIP has kept its hope for the playoffs alive. For RCB, just a game before they end their campaign, and they would like to save that last spot. Double header today.

KXIP – 138/7(20)
RCB- 119/10(20)

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