In the fight for extra money, Who’s losing?

“From our point of view I want to play for Australia and so do the other boys,” Warner said. “But if there’s nothing that’s put in place for what we’re trying to achieve here, from both point of views, we’re not going to tour Bangladesh, there might not be an Ashes if we don’t have an MoU.” says the Australian Vice-captain David Warner.  Warner has been the most outspoken critic of the board in recent weeks after the CA chief executive James Sutherland threatened they would be left unemployed if the ACA did not agree to CA’s term.

From what we have been hearing and know, it is just two weeks to go for the present MOU between the CA (Cricket Australia) and ACA (Australian Cricketers’ Association-an organisation that represents the professional first-class cricketers of Australia, both past and present). As the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Cricket Australia (CA) and Australia’s Cricketers Association (ACA) ends in less than a fortnight, David Warner has underlined the willingness of the nation’s top players to go without employment in order to achieve the retention of the fixed revenue percentage model which is at the heart of the pay dispute.GettyImages-692610574

“We’re prepared as players to give a little bit more in that revenue share [percentage],” he said of the ACA’s proposal to reduce the players share from around 26% to 22.5% with more money to go to grassroots levels. “They can lock us out from all the training facilities,” Warner told Channel 9. But all players have in fact been told they will maintain full access to all facilities after June 30, even if negotiations are continuing.

The Australian Cricketers Association has landed another heavy blow by making a play to take back players’ image rights and severely restrict CA’s advertising capabilities. The Cricketers’ Brand will launch on July 1, the day after the memorandum of understanding between the two parties ends, and will mean all media, advertising and promotional deals will be controlled by the ACA, and not CA. steve-okeefe-test_806x605_51488007385

Ensuing this, Australian A team flies to South Africa for the series starting from July 7 and soon after that the Australian team has to battle out Bangladesh in their own home ground. In meetings last week both CA and the players union pledged to continue discussions towards a new MOU “without prejudice”. The new cut-off date proposed is 3rd July and that is even not that far. The matter has to be resolved soon otherwise it is not the Association or the players’ loss, but the overall Cricketing fraternity’s loss.


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