Changes for good !

As written in the sports Round up, the cricket committee has approved the new rules in the cricket. The committee headed by former Indian player and coach, Anil Kumble approved these in the interest of cricket as a whole.

The decisions included the inclusion of DRS in T20I. There was a long fought conflict going on for the same. And finally the shortest format will see this. Also umpires call won’t be counted as DRS taken by the teams. On the contrary, 80 overs replenishment of DRS has been removed. IMG_20170625_185323

Previously, there was questions raised aboiy DRS where matches in India didn’t include the hotspot technology while matches in England had. Same game, same players then why different rules. Well, ICC has brought a ruling on the same saying that there will be a minimum standard for DRS ie ball tracking and edge detection making it a universal.

Another rule won’t affect the international fixtures, but safeguards the interest of umpires in junior level. The change gives the right to the umpires to send off players off the play for serious incidents of misconduct or violence. This has been Particularly incorporated for junior level cricket. This is inspired from football’s red /yellow card.

Other changes includes standardising the bat size in terms of thickness, edges and depth. Another major change concerns the run out. If a batsman, after crossing the crease, lifts the bat and ball dislodges the Stumps​ then, he cannot be ruled out. Till now, the batsman was out.IMG_20170625_185334

So all in all, these are the major changes approved. Hope these will make the great game greater.


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