Lost in a panic rush !

It wasn’t just a game of cricket. It was also a game of nerves. The geatest of the stage and couldn’t get better. India was in the play for almost 90 overs of the game. In the end it was all about keeping the nerves. And that is where the experience came into picture. Three time world Champions knew how to do it. India didn’t. Maybe that is why they lost 12 years back, maybe that is why they lost it today.

Pressure is indeed a mysterious thing. It can make you the finest and at the same time, can make you break into shackles. Maybe, that is what happened with India. Presenting you the snapshot review of the Finals :

  • The scoreboard will tell you that England’s batting collapsed. Indeed it did. 63/3, and they were reeling. Nataile’s 51, proved vital and coupled with Sarah’s 45, the host a made a respectable total of 228. Goswami was simply brilliant with ball. 10-3-23-3 , in a world cup finals. She gave her everything, along with Poonam (2/36). Katherine-Brunt-scored-34-off-42-balls-before-Deepti-Sharma-ran-her-out.
  • 229 wasn’t a big score. But as I said, the pressure is. And it proved too big for Indians. 42.4 overs, 191/3. Very much in the hunt with a set batsman on the strike. And that is when Punam(86) was out and it started a death procession of India’s hope of winning, and ended with Rajeshri at 219.
  • Hampreet tried her best wit 51, but lower middle order failed miserably. Shrubsole was awe-strucking with ball, registering figures of 46/6. Mithali Raj ended with joint highest run scorer. Anya-Shrubsole-finished-with-six-wickets-to-bowl-England-to-a-close-10-run-win

The win, may not be favourable, but it has brought the much needed inspiration to the Sporting fraternity in the country and also the discrimination of the weaker section.

Pic credits : ICC World

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