FCB, a force to reckon with

FCB vs RMA : They called it Sunshine State Clásico which took place in front of more than 66 thousands spectators.  It’s only the second time Real Madrid and Barcelona have met off Spanish soil. The first was a 1982 match in Venezuela. The snapshot review:

  • The first half was full of actions and drama. The third minute goal by Messi followed by 7th minute brilliance by Rakitic took the Catalan right on top. But soon after, the Madrid began its assault.
  • A late challenge by Neymar leads to a spot kick to Kovacic, Pique slips and it’s a clinical finish for the Croat, who’s cut Barca’s advantage in half just 14 minutes in. Soon after in 35th minute, a rapid-fire counter-attack by Real Madrid having 3-v-2 advantage picks out Asensio, whose clinical finish makes it 2-all with 10 minutes.
  • At half time, thee score was leveled at two all. Just after the half time, in 50th minute Barcelona won a free kick and Neymar pushed it to Pique who slipped it behind a slumbering Nacho and volleys it into the back of the net. This was the winning goal and until the end, the score was 3-2, thus handling the Blaugrana’s a handy victory in the match.

FCB 3 – 2 RMA

Pic credits: Goal.com



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