Home Domination in Hyderabad

Hyderabad has been clinical this year at their home ground winning 6 matches overall at home of the 7 home matches that are played. Dhawan’s Bang back to form overshadowed his Indian opening partner Rohit’s Shot back into the IPL scorecards this season. Winning the toss Rohit took a surprise decision of batting first, explaining it later as trying new options as their place in … Continue reading Home Domination in Hyderabad

Royal Demolition by the Knights

The match is KKR vs RCB; the scoreboard shows 105/0 in 6 overs. Any other season and it would have been an easy call. Definitely RCB is batting. This season the tables have turned. Sunil Narine is scoring fastest fifties now; Players are coming back from an injury with his form as it was before; And the trio of Kohli, Gayle and Devilliers faltering consistently. … Continue reading Royal Demolition by the Knights